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"Will o' the Wisp, a mischeivous creature of light found in Scottish legend. Notorious for leading travellers into the bogs and possessing their bodies. Also called Spunkies."' - Bricriu (Will o' the Wisp)

A will-o'-the-wisp or ignis fatuus (Medieval Latin: "foolish fire") is a ghostly light seen by travellers at night, especially over bogs, swamps or marshes. It resembles a flickering lamp and is said to recede if approached, drawing travellers from the safe paths. A folk belief well attested in English folklore and in much of European folklore, the phenomenon is known by a variety of names, including jack-o'-lantern, hinkypunk, and hobby lantern in English.

In So WeirdEdit

"Yes, even as a young spunkie, I was considered a rebel. I grew bored and left the highlands - wretched place, all that mist and mud. I then took over in lovely, warm, dry, Texas." - Bricriu (Will o' the Wisp)

On a trip to Marfa, Texas, Fi, Jack, and Clu have an encounter with the famed "Marfa Lights." Where a Will o' the Wisp by the name of Bricriu possesses Jack. When Fi is about to blow his cover, he takes Fi into the nexus, where Fi must learn Bricriu's name in order to free everybody. She eventually does so, and Bricriu leaves with a warning that he will be back. (Will o' the Wisp)

Bricriu later returns. Fi tries to banish him, but due to a deal, he can only leave after 24 hours. Bricriu came to prevent a fire, but due to life's merry little mix ups, causes the very fire he came to prevent. (Destiny)

The final appearance of Bricriu (and by extension Will o' the Wisps in general) came when he visited Fi at her house. After a failed attempt to possess Annie, Bricriu found himself inside Fi's laptop. Bricriu tricks Fi into severing her connection with the spirit world. Fi then disconnects the internet cable from her laptop and traps Bricriu on a floppy disk, never to be seen again. Though later, Fi tells Annie that she is cleaning bad files off the hard drive. Whether this means she deleted Bricriu or simply left him trapped on the floppy disk is unclear. (Lightning Rod)


  • Bricriu is the only Will o' the Wisp to appear on screen.
  • As explained by Bricriu, Will o' the Wisps, or Spunkies, come in litters of 100.


The Spunkie's Riddle

Therein, you see, lies the sweet Spunkie's game I'll give you a go at guessing my name Measured in seven, no more and no less Choose well, my lass, for you've only one guess

To banish Bricriu

Bricriu, begone from this mortal form.

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